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About Us - More Non-Scents

About Us

Non-Scents Flowers Logo


I’m so excited that you’ve discovered us and are learning about what we do at Non-Scents.

The idea for our handcrafted paper flower collection came to me when I was a University student. A close friend of mine was unexpectedly diagnosed with cancer and had to undergo immediate surgery. I wanted to help, and my first idea was to bring flowers. Unfortunately, I was told that live flowers were not allowed in the oncology ward due to a potential allergic reaction and bacterial hazards.

A paper flower bouquet was the sensible alternative to live flowers. I created a paper bouquet, and with each blossom, I included a message that was rolled up and inserted into a coil on each stem. My friend was able to read these notes when times got tough and I couldn’t be there in person.

From this event, Non-Scents was born as a unique way to send greetings to anyone, anywhere, at any time, for any occasion.

Elizabeth Greenberg, Founder 

Elizabeth Greenberg, Founder

Unique Qualities

> Each flower is handmade and holds a message or quote in the coil of its stem.

> Non-Scents flowers won’t die and require no maintenance.

> Eco-friendly and great for events

> Write your own messages or choose quotes or passages to come with each flower.

> Safe for delivery anywhere for anyone.

> Ships Nationwide in the USA

> Committed to empowering women. Part of our Empowering Women Initiative.

Why Should I Order Non-Scents?

Did you know that live flowers aren’t always permitted or safe?

When live flowers are sent to people with severe allergies or chemical sensitivity, they can cause a negative reaction.

Live flowers are not permitted in many government offices and certain hospital units including:

> Oncology Ward

> Transplant Ward

> Intensive Care Unit (ICU)

> Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)

What Are Non-Scents Flowers?  

The Flower - Non-Scents flowers are handcrafted paper flowers with a customizable message attached to each stem.

The Paper - Many of our papers are fair-trade certified and made by hand by women co-operatives in Bangladesh, Nepal, and Sri Lanka. This is part of our Empowering Women Initiative and helps these women care for their families and send their children to school. We also use Italian Crepe paper, made in Italy, that is highly textured and comes in a variety of colors, including metallics.

The Makers - We employ stay-at-home moms and women refugees, giving them an opportunity to work and achieve independence without having to sacrifice their family or cultural values.

When Should I Send Non-Scents?

Non-Scents flowers can be sent for any occasion, and even “just because”.

We recommend using Non-Scents flowers when you want to:

> Send a personal message or greeting in an unexpected way.

> Send greetings to a business client, risk-free.

> Create interactive centerpieces for an event.

> Send a gift to a hospital patient or someone going through intensive treatment.

Bea-Dee Bag Logo

Origin Story

Beatrice Greenberg - a.k.a. Nanny Bea-- was the matriarch of the Greenberg family. She was sassy, full of life and one-line comments.  Bea wore her hair big, painted her nails red, carried bright red lipstick and a mirror in her ever-present purse; and loved anything with bling, style, and sparkle. Her taste in clothing and accessories perfectly matched her colorful personality.  

At age 92 when declining health required nursing home care, Bea’s daughter and Non-Scents Co-Founder, Mimi Greenberg, became her advocate.  When Mimi saw Bea struggling to use her walker while carrying her purse, she asked one of the refugee women working for Non-Scents if she could sew a bag that was stylish and could hang from a bar on Bea’s walker. She created a beautiful brocade bag, even adding a rhinestone button for bling appeal. That’ how Bea-Dee Bags came to be.

We choose high-end, designer fabrics to create our functional bags, which come in two models: the original two-sided, squared-corner bag, and the cut-away bag that allows personal access to the wheels on a wheelchair.

We buy from two very generous fabric sources within the United States who advise us when they have designer-fabric bolt ends that they sell to us at a huge saving. This way, we’re able to pass those savings along to you.

“These bags can make you feel comfortable and at-home while also allowing you to be fiercely independent.” ~ Mimi Greenberg, Founder

Bea-Dee Bag Features

> Every Bea-Dee bag has a Velcro closure to prevent it from slipping off from a walker or wheelchair. This also allows people of all strength levels to use their bags themselves.

> Multiple pockets on each side of the bag allow the user to store and find items easily.

> Sewn in the USA by women refugees - Part of our Empowering Women Initiative.

Our Mission

Our mission is simple: to make the world smile. No matter what our circumstance, there's always a reason to smile and we hope that our Non-Scents products and stories will help remind people of that and keep them smiling even through the tougher times.