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International Women's Day

On Tuesday, March 8th, we had a great day at Non-Scents Flowers; It was International Women’s Day—a day that honors all of US! Our company is owned by women, supports women, and believes that we should help each other whenever we can. Non-Scents embraces that sentiment. We have employed women from all over the world, and along the way, we have made great friends and long-lasting relationships.Read More

Jubilee House - A Safe Haven & A Savior

2016 is blossoming into a great year for Non-Scents flowers. Our business has grown, and we’re now looking for people to help us create and deliver our flower arrangements. In keeping with our mission of social enterprise, we chose to focus on immigrant and refugee women as future employees, primarily because they realize extreme difficulties finding jobs. They experience language barriers, transportation issues and often have children at home for whom they are responsible. Since art is a universal language, we had no hesitation hiring and training non-English speaking people to create Non-Scents flowers.Read More

Why We Choose Non-Scents Flowers

A Valentine Note for Everyone

Sometimes it can be difficult to find the right words to say, or things to do, that express how you feel without going too far. Valentine’s Day can be hard, and sometimes, unnecessary pressures begin to creep up on you. Below are some thoughts and saying from authors all around the web, that can help to guide you in showing your just how much you care.Read More

The Three Stories of St. Valentine

According to the History Channel, there are three possible versions of St. Valentine’s story, any of which could be the basis for our celebration of St. Valentine’s Day today. As you read through the various accounts, you can see that each story brings with it, its own meaning for St. Valentine’s Day.Read More

Supporting a Network of Goodness

This month, the crowdfunding organization, Start Something Good, challenged the public to think about, “What change will you create [in 2016]?”

We decided to take this challenge personally and determine what we could do, as a company, to do more, “good”. However, instead of trying to “do good” solo, we decided to work as part of a larger team and support suppliers who are effecting positive change. What we’ve learned is that you can always do good. Sometimes, you’re the pioneer, other times,you’re the voice for those who are already actualizing good.

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Preemie Prayers

Our most recent addition to the array of Non-Scents gifts, officially available for purchase in 2016, is the “Preemie Prayer” flower. Created special for the families of preemie babies.Read More

The Christmas Carousel Gift Show

Non-Scents Flowers had the opportunity to participate as an exhibitor in The Christmas Carousel Holiday Gift Market at the StateFairgrounds in Raleigh, North Carolina, over Thanksgiving weekend (November 27-29, 2015). This was the 28th year for the Triangle’s largest marketplace for arts, crafts and seasonal items, and the crowds were not disappointed. The show boasted over 250 exhibitors from all over the Southeast, and Santa thrilled the children by visiting all three days of the show.

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Mimi's Thanksgiving Memories

If I close my eyes, I can still envision the evening; the table sparkling as light from the dining room’s crystal chandelier bounced off the stemware and flatware. My three brothers and I were always dressed in our Sunday school best, and the adults always wore dresses and suits. When Daddy came in to sit at the head of the table, I sat in anticipation, waiting for his nod of approval. He’d look at me and smile, and that was more important to me than the meal, although that was always great, too.Read More

Giving Thanks for Thanksgiving

This time of year is a testament to what we cherish and hold dear. It is a time when we become the contemplative man or woman; reflecting upon the good in life, the positive things that others have done for us and the good fortune of friends, family, and loved ones - all consummated in a night of feasting, revelry, and appreciation of life itself.Read More