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The History of Halloween

Non-Scents Flowers Halloween Display

If you take a look around, you may see the frenzy of Christmas items being pushed on shelves and the rare, but occasional, Christmas carol or holiday tune playing in the background. While this has become the norm for many retailers around the country, we want to enjoy each holiday as they come, and this week, we’re looking forward to Halloween on Saturday!


Recently, the question arose as to where Halloween originated. It’s easy to assume that it has ties to the Wicca religion based on our history lessons in school. However, many sources say that it came from the Celtic festival, Samhain (pronounced “sah-win”). Samhain marked the ending of the Harvest season and, on October 31st, people believed that the boundaries between the worlds of the living, and the dead, were opened, thus allowing the spirits of those who died to freely roam and cause havoc in the towns. Masks and costumers were actually worn in attempts to appease and mimic the spirits of the dead in order to keep away from harm. Read More.

 Non-Scents Black Roses Halloween Display

In celebration of the festive, supernatural holiday, we’ve created a variety of Non-Scents flowers, a favorite being our black rose, that can be used again and again, year after year, as decoration for you planned Halloween festivities. Spiders, bats, and eyeballs adorn the handmade paper flowers in red, orange, and black.


How will you decorate for this Halloween? Post your Halloween pics & share your ideas!

The Ghost of All Hallows Eve

This tragic story begins on a pumpkin farm in Pennsylvania, many years ago. The farmer and his wife were very hard workers. They made a fine living and loved and cared for their crops like family. Since the farmer’s wife was older, they tried and tried but failed to conceive a child of their own, thus, their crops became their family. That is, until one All Hallows Eve. Though they were happy, the farmers wife would sob and sob every night with want of a child; and on the day that the spirit world opened to the world of the living, a beautiful woman came to her with a proposition that would solve all of her problems.

Read More

Start of Something Good

Fun in the Fall: 5 Fall Activities You Don’t Want To Miss

Fun Fall activities for you and your friends and families.Read More

Smile - Just Because

View a collection of posts, quotes, images, and sayings that were randomly selected solely on how much the content made us smile. We hope that they will make you smile too!Read More

Reflecting on Grandparent's Day

View a compilation of social posts celebrating Grandparent's Day. From quotes and messages to activities and photographs; see how the world's Grandparents were celebrated!Read More

Unplug and Connect

Delivering personal messages via origami and paper flower arrangements is both an innovation and a return to tradition. No one is doing this except Non-Scents however things such as: sending flowers, origami, and sending personal messages, are all things that have been done for centuries. . .Non-Scents simply created a bridge to bring these three things together into one. However, we never realized that our arrangements would also one day help to combat the negative side effects of our plugged-in lifestyle.Read More

Paper - Creating Jobs and Saving Lives

There were many fabulous suppliers and designers at the stationery show in New York this past May. However, the exhibitor who caught our eye the most had both beautiful marbled papers but also a fabulous mission behind her businesses.Read More


We want to honor our teachers by sharing stories, poems, and notes about our favorite teachers; past and present. Comment on this blog post, on Facebook, and Twitter using #NonScentsTeachers to tell the world about your awesome teachers!Read More

Back to School

It’s that time of year again! As the summer reaches its hottest month and vacations start coming to a close, the TV channels and radio stations begin to be inundated with advertisements for school supplies and back-to-school clothing.Non-Scents Flowers has designed a back to school flower arrangement that is guaranteed to last the entire school year. . . and then some! Whether your child makes it to the head of the class is up to him or her, but some positive messages delivered by colorful blossoms will definitely start the year of right.Non-Scents, Origami Mommy, Mimi Greenberg, tells us about her daughter’s (company founder, Elizabeth Greenberg) experiences in grade school and gives us some ideas on how we can use Non-Scents Back to School Gift Bouquets to show how much we appreciate all that our teachers do for us.Read More