At Non-Scents Flowers, we are always looking for new ways to create unique gifts that share greetings with friends and family. When we discovered Henrietta Glass, we immediately contacted the artist, Jill Henrietta Davis, and asked if we might carry some of her vases, which also carry a unique message of their own. Henrietta Glass is a line of hand blown decorative glass items made in the USA. One product especially touched our hearts—her, “Circle of Friends”, vases. As Henrietta Glass puts it, “Our Circle of Friends vases seek to celebrate our friends’ unique gifts, and to say thank you for being a great friend. The neck of the vase where the flower is placed is heart shaped, and the vase comes in 9 different meaningful colors:

Non-Scents Henrietta Glass Vase for Compassion

Red=Strength Yellow=Optimism Cobalt=Loyalty Orange=Daring Green=Energy Violet=Magic Pink=Compassion Turquoise=Serenity Rainbow=A True Friend

Our soon-to-arrive new line of bud vases will carry all of the above colors with the option for one, two, or three flowers. Additionally, we will offer our single rose with a place for 2 messages, instead of the standard single message holder. Each boxed flower and bud vase will come with preprinted notes to place in the holders(s) as well as blank notes that can be filled in.

We'll also be featuring two additional designs, also from Henrietta Glass, called, "The Christine", and the, "Surprise". 


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