I’d always been healthy

What a terrible shock

To find I was sick.

What a stumbling block.

Sick in bed clipart_Fotor

All was well. All was fine

Till they gave me the news

And put me in a room

That had terrible views.


I knew I’d be brave.

I knew I’d survive

I’d beat this predicament

To live on and thrive.


My family was with me

Fear showed in their eyes.

One friend offered small talk

Another one cried.


A hospital’s bland.

There’s no color at all.

Gray tones floor to ceiling

The same on the walls.



What I needed was color

To perk up my room.

Some pink and some purple

Could erase the gloom.


Monotone walls

Screamed for color that pops!

We need bright colored flowers

With colorful tops!'


“No, no,” said the nurse.

“No flowers allowed!”

She said it quite sternly

She said it out loud.


“Not fair,” one friend shouted.

“How can you prevent

The presence of flowers

That give off a sweet scent?


To brighten the room

And bring thoughts of care.

Bunches of blossoms

To perfume the air.”


The nurse then explained

Some folks can’t have that smell.

It makes their eyes water

Their throats start to swell.


Then the nurse asked us something--

A sly smile on her face.

“How about Non-Scents Flowers?

They come in a vase.”

Orange Blue Spring Arrangement_Fotor

“They do not need water.

They’re light as a feather.

You can purchase just one,

Or put many together.”


Each flower conceals

A message of choice.

You can choose famous quotes

Or write in your own voice.


My friends and my family

Wrote down the website.

And the following day

Much to my delight

My room was surrounded

With color and fun.

Blossoms with messages

Inside each one.

Some were quite funny

They made me laugh.

They often poked fun at

The doctors and staff.


Others encouraged

To have a brave heart.

Sometimes the sentiments

Tore me apart.

All those paper flowers

Told stories of hope,

Of love and of courage

That helped me to cope.


And when I went home

Forever I’d see

All my Non-Scents blossoms

Still uplifting me.


A creation from paper

Using many a fold

And with each arrangement

A story was told.