Origami Flower Kylee C. is a 13 year old West Hartford, CT Resident.  She was 11 years old when she and her father responded to the ad Nonscents Flowers posted online. Neither Elizabeth G. nor Kylee C. knew this would be the beginning such a fun and creative relationship together.  After learning about the beginnings of Nonscents Flowers, it's humanitarian goals and the dedicated individuals starting off this project, Kylee really wanted to be part of this connection with putting smiles on others. Kylee created a few crisp and neatly folded samples to kick things off, Nonscents approved and the partnership has 'flourished' for the last couple years. Since then, the mission to offer dedicated support has only been moving forward. It's always been a dream of hers' to work outside her community to volunteer and spread the word. People everywhere are inspired by the artsy alternatives to flowers and the meaningful story behind them to make a difference themselves. It's such a beautiful process and Kylee couldn't be happier to be part of a company that does more than just business, it reaches out its' hands to anyone in need! Kylee was previously, the creative founder of the 'Green Group' in the Northwest section of West Hartford.  Along with a handful of dedicated friends, they repurposed old household items into fun and sometimes useful pieces.  They fabricated unique pins and magnets from old bottlecaps and other items, sold them to the public, then delivered the proceeds in person to the Newington Human society. Fun work for a good cause! Re using and recycling has always been a big part of her life, possibly stemming from her grandparents influence of "hold onto that - it can be made into something later".  Besides amazing irises and blooming petals for Nonscents - She loves to also create other origami pieces like strange, unfolding  cubes, spherical stars, a variety of animals, and let's not forget the standard crane!  She has served a few commissioned origami jobs under her personal business name "Folded Fun by Kylee" and would love to do more - she's a busy 13 year old! Kylee loves to help others smile; this is what she and Nonscents Flowers really have in common!