Allergies are something that many of us struggle with seasonally, and sometimes daily. The most common types of allergies cause our bodies to confuse harmless substances with dangerous “invaders” and create antibodies to protect us. Our immune system then begins to produce chemicals that guard us against the perceived threat anytime we come into contact with the irritant. Medications are most widely used to treat allergies, but there are also alternatives to relieving some common allergy symptoms.


The Common Allergies

how allergies work


Common airborne allergens include:

  • - Pollen

  • - Animal Dander

  • - Dust Mites

  • - Mold

Allergies widely vary in severity from person to person. Sometimes, having an allergy means that your eyes begin to water, skin starts to itch, nose runs, or sneezing commences. Unfortunately, once you have one allergy, it is more likely that you’ll acquire another.

Allergies From Chemo

Chemo and Allergies

Intense medical treatments, like chemotherapy, can also lead to new or heightened allergies. Some allergies can be experienced immediately after treatment while others develop as far as two to three years after treatment (source). Some patients have developed airborne allergies while others discovered new allergies to food and even certain chemicals. The chemistry is similar where the body’s immune system is trying to combat a perceived threat, however:


“Some reactions called Infusion reactions might also be caused by non-immune-mediated mechanisms (chemotherapy drugs, their metabolites, or the vehicles in which they are dissolved may also induce release of histamine or cytokines)”  (Read More)


It’s important that you tell your doctor about any immediate allergies experienced while receiving treatment. They can help alleviate the symptoms, but more importantly, they will ensure that your body doesn’t begin to view the chemotherapy drug as the allergen.


Allergies happen, but we don’t have to suffer from them.

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