Martin Luther King, Jr. is quoted as saying: MLK Call to Action   Today we celebrate the bravery that Martin Luther King, Jr. had in order to speak up when others were silent, not with the guarantee that it would benefit him, but with the knowledge that it would benefit others in the future and create a greater nation. This particular quote was chosen because we see it not as a quote to ponder rather a call to action and that is why we chose today to answer Martin Luther King, Jr.'s call to action and announce our first Giveback Partner of 2014. Our goal is to set aside 1/3 of our annual profits to give to those organizations who are doing something to positively impact the lives of others and benefit their communities. Our hope is that we can partner with three organizations as Giveback Partners and work with them for three years before selecting another three organizations to work with. In doing so we hope that we can support organizations that reflect the causes supported by the passion of our customers, friends, and followers. We are proud to say that this January 2014, Non-Scents has entered into a partnership with Connecticut Children's Medical Center! CCMC and USNews Award We are looking forward to working with CCMC in 2014 to not only aid financially, but also to do whatever we can on-site at CCMC in order to truly support this partnership. Learn more about CCMC as Best Children's Hospitals by U.S. News Here Learn more about CCMC Here