It’s that time of year again! As the summer reaches its hottest month and vacations start coming to a close, the TV channels and radio stations begin to be inundated with advertisements for school supplies and back-to-school clothing. Although back –to-school shopping is exhausting, expensive, and takes a lot of time and patience, once it’s over, parents will be able to breathe a sigh of relief knowing that their children are safe at school and, hopefully, learning new things and making new friends!

Terrific Teacher Back to School Non-Scents Paper Rose Gift Bouquet

Non-Scents Flowers has designed a back to school flower arrangement that is guaranteed to last the entire school year. . . and then some! Whether your child makes it to the head of the class is up to him or her, but some positive messages within the flower blossoms will definitely start the year of right. Non-Scents, Origami Mommy, Mimi Greenberg, tells us about her daughter’s (company founder, Elizabeth Greenberg) experiences in grade school:


“Elizabeth was always close to her teachers. She sat in the front row, stayed late for extra help, and always went above and beyond for the teachers that she really got along with. Even today, she keeps in touch with grade school teachers that really made a difference in her life. Recently, she and a friend wrote a poem for their beloved high school history teacher that was read at his farewell party after he announced his retirement last May.” (Mimi Greenberg)


We know that Non-Scents, Chief Storyteller, Elizabeth Greenberg, will be sending our back-to-school arrangements to those teachers who were truly special to her with messages including lessons they taught her and some of her favorite memories from when she was a student. Just in case you can’t think of some really great notes and messages for your child’s teachers, we’ve got some prompts to help you out!


Messages for New Teachers

I’m so excited to learn about ____________ this year!

I can’t wait for ___________________ (event, field trip, project)!

This year, I want to get better at ________________.

I hope that when we study _____________ (enter subject or topic) we can learn more about _________________ (more specific topic within subject.


Messages for Past Teachers

My favorite lesson we learned in your class was ____________________.

Your class inspired and encouraged me to continue my interest in ______________.

I loved the way you __________________ (enter teaching style; example: taught by telling stories), it made learning the material so much easier and more fun for me!

Because of you and your class, I __________________________________.


You can use these types of messages in an arrangement, or your child could bring the teacher an arrangement with blossoms filled with his or her original thoughts. One little girl brought her teacher a flower at the end of the last school year, and she wrote:


“You are as beautiful as a dandelion.”


We just loved that one! Yes…a dandelion is a weed, but that’s what made it so sweet and sincere. We’re sure the little girl’s teacher loved it, as well. We had another child give her teacher a bouquet with messages filled with stickers since she was too young to write a full message.

All of these are wonderful ways to show our teachers how important they are to us and how much their work really means to us.


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