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Something Extraordinary

A Letter from the Founder - My Greatest Lesson Learned in 2016Read More

Non-Scents Gift Guide: Part Two

During an extended hospital stay, you want to make it feel as homey as possible. You may be restricted by what you can include based on hospital regulations but below we’ve listed a few ideas of gifts to help make a hospital stay feel more like home.Read More

A True Gift for Friends Everywhere

Friends comfort us. They are there for all the, “Valentine’s Days”, of our lives and they pick us back up when we fall. We laugh with our friends, and find a true love of life with them. It’s for these reasons that friendship is so important, and something we must always be reminded to appreciate and embrace. For this reason, let's make friendship go viral.Read More

Bea-Dee Bags

In honor of the late Beatrice Greenberg, or, "Nanny Bea", we have decided to create a line of “Bea-Dee Bags”, that will be made specifically for those in need of walking-assist devices. Currently, we are testing different designs with the residents at The Hebrew Home, using up-cycled fabrics and buttons for an eco-conscious, fashion forward, “chair bag”, made just for your extra set of wheels.Read More

Non-Scents Meets Henrietta Glass

At Non-Scents Flowers, we are always looking for new ways to create unique gifts that share greetings with friends and family. When we discovered Henrietta Glass, we immediately contacted the artist, Jill Henrietta Davis, and asked if we might carry some of her vases, which also carry a unique message of their own.Read More

A Non-Scents Mother's Day Celebration

Non-Scents provided corsages for all of the Moms at our Mother’s Day party, making the ladies smile and look quite festive! Social services held a game of “What Would Mom Say?” which was a fill-in-the-blanks type of game where the residents and visitors had to guess phrases Moms often use.Read More

Handcrafted Around the World Sale

On April 8, 9 and 10, Non-Scents participated in the “Handcrafts Around The World” sale that took place in New Hartford, CT. Only a select group of artisans were invited to this event that featured unique and wonderful handmade treasures often influenced by the art and culture from countries such as Poland, Hungary, Romania, Nepal, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Europe, Australia, Philippines, Nigeria, Egypt, Thailand, Bali and the U.S.A.Read More

A weekend for shopping - Day 1 of the Spring Carousel Gift Market

Today marked the start of the 3rd annual, “Spring Carousel Gift Market”, held at the State Fair Grounds in Raleigh, North Carolina. Throughout the year, the Jim Graham building is used for a wide variety of show purposes, but this weekend, artisans, makers, and vendors from around the United States gather to offer their products in hopes of being the perfect fit for your Easter and Mother’s Day gifts this Spring.Read More

International Women's Day

On Tuesday, March 8th, we had a great day at Non-Scents Flowers; It was International Women’s Day—a day that honors all of US! Our company is owned by women, supports women, and believes that we should help each other whenever we can. Non-Scents embraces that sentiment. We have employed women from all over the world, and along the way, we have made great friends and long-lasting relationships.Read More

Jubilee House - A Safe Haven & A Savior

2016 is blossoming into a great year for Non-Scents flowers. Our business has grown, and we’re now looking for people to help us create and deliver our flower arrangements. In keeping with our mission of social enterprise, we chose to focus on immigrant and refugee women as future employees, primarily because they realize extreme difficulties finding jobs. They experience language barriers, transportation issues and often have children at home for whom they are responsible. Since art is a universal language, we had no hesitation hiring and training non-English speaking people to create Non-Scents flowers.Read More