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Blog - Non-Scents Gives Back Non-Scents

Have Courage & Be Kind

As Good Morning America launches their support for, The Great Kindness Challenge, encouraging schools to support in kindness challenges across the nation, we take a moment to think about kindness and what role is plays in our lives. We also look towards a Random Acts of Kindness Week beginning February 12th that allows both individuals and businesses to sign up and take the challenge with fresh ideas for spreading kindness that anyone can do. PLUS, what being kind can do for your health!Read More

This Paper Doesn't Come From Trees

All of our lives, we were told that there was a trade-off between wanting to use paper, and wanting to save trees. Thankfully, the Non-Scents Flowers team did their homework and found that this issue no longer had to be something that perplexes us in grade school or makes us feel guilty as adults. Paper, in fact, doesn't always have to come from trees.Read More

A Non-Scents Mother's Day Celebration

Non-Scents provided corsages for all of the Moms at our Mother’s Day party, making the ladies smile and look quite festive! Social services held a game of “What Would Mom Say?” which was a fill-in-the-blanks type of game where the residents and visitors had to guess phrases Moms often use.Read More

Supporting a Network of Goodness

This month, the crowdfunding organization, Start Something Good, challenged the public to think about, “What change will you create [in 2016]?”

We decided to take this challenge personally and determine what we could do, as a company, to do more, “good”. However, instead of trying to “do good” solo, we decided to work as part of a larger team and support suppliers who are effecting positive change. What we’ve learned is that you can always do good. Sometimes, you’re the pioneer, other times,you’re the voice for those who are already actualizing good.

Read More

Non-Scents, Me Fine, and UNC Children’s Hospital

Children are the future. We all know that, and we want to do everything we can to encourage, assist and promote all children in order to make certain that their lives are as rich and full as possible. When Joey Powell from the Me Fine Foundation contacted us and asked whether Non-Scents Flowers would volunteer our services to hospitalized children at UNC Children’s Hospital, we were thrilled, and of course, we agreed to help out in any way we could.Read More