Cinderella have courage and be kind

Possibly one of our favorite quotes from the remake of, “Cinderella”, is the phrase, “Have courage and be kind”. It seems to be the most fitting for this week as Good Morning America launches their support for the Great Kindness Challenge, which runs from January 23rd - 27th. Since it’s beginning, students have been submitting their acts of spreading kindness all week and the GMA crew continues to share every day.

Checking-In on the Great Kindness Challenge


So, what can we do to participate? Here’s part of the acts of kindness list that anyone can do to practice kindness:


      • - Smile at 25 people
      • - Give a friend a high-five
      • - Compliment 5 people
      • - Help someone up who has fallen down
      • - Thank someone who has helped you
      • - Send a thank you note to someone who doesn’t get recognized all that often
      • - Give someone a flower (Non-Scents can help with this one!)
      • - Say “Good Morning” to people


Another organization called, Random Acts of Kindness, also hosts a full week in February that celebrates kindness. For this one, you can sign up for yourself or your business and participate from February 12th - 18th. Once you register, they’ll give you a full partner kit complete with ideas to help you out along the way.

Register for Random Acts of Kindness Week!

One thing we really like about this organization is that they segment their kindness ideas into categories, including: ideas you can do for strangers, ideas you can do for your community, help someone learn, laughter is medicine, ideas to do with your family, ideas for donating, ideas you can do online, ideas you can do at work, and the list goes on!

They even offer a full page of information behind the science of kindness! Did you know that kindness can increase:


      • - Love hormone (perfect timing around Valentine’s Day!)
      • - Energy
      • - Happiness
      • - Lifespan
      • - Pleasure
      • - Serotonin


Kindness can also decrease:

      • - Pain
      • - Stess
      • - Anxiety
      • - Depression
      • - Blood Pressure


The site gives the full breakdown of how this happens, and where the research is coming from, so if you’re curious, head on over to the Random Acts of Kindness site.  

Now, our only question for you is, will you join us?


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