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Grandparents love receiving handmade gifts from the ones they love most. However, my grandmother has more than her fair share of art projects that she loved but could never really use.

So, here’s our thought:



Why not buy something that grandparents can use and then customize it with your own crafts?


We’ve come up with a number of ways you can customize your Bea-Dee Bags to make the most useful handmade gift ever!

12 Fabric art projects for parents to to with their kids

Fabric Paints


"Big Kid" Projects (because we're all kids at heart)


There are lots of websites to help you come up with some great fabric painting ideas. They provide image prompts with links to complete directions including a list of materials you will need.

If you’re working with the kids, The Artful Parent, provides lists of projects using paint, markers, and even fabric crayons. Many of the projects also include different materials to help with designs, including: leaves, ferns, flowers, doilies, and stencils.

Fabric paint projects for kids

Tote Bag Iron On Project


Brit + Co claims that their 14 DIY projects can be mastered in under an hour using transfer paper, otherwise known as the, “dirty little secret of DIY”. Some of their projects include: pineapples, geometric design, inspirational sayings, quotes, and more.

Iron on kids drawings how-to

Again, it’s Artful Parent to the rescue for creating a great way to blend kids’ art projects with iron-on designs. This has to be one of my favorites because it actually tells you how to take one of your kids’ drawings and transfer it onto fabric, specifically, our Bea-Dee Bags!

According to a testimonial on the site,


“My kids literally beamed with pride when showing their shirts to Harry. You could use favorite drawings from around the house or your children could draw something new just for this project.”



So, what are you waiting for? Start crafting and be sure to post the results on Facebook or Instagram with #DIY4Grandma

Happy Holidays everyone!


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