It's important for us, as a younger company, to be excellent listeners. Thus, when we received an abundance of requests for a donation option...we created one! People often love the idea of Non-Scents but don't know anyone who is in the hospital or in a position where they cannot receive live flowers. However, there are many people who are, unfortunately, in this situation so Non-Scents gives you the opportunity to donate an arrangement to a patient, nurses, or even a whole hospital unit to show your support, even though they are a complete strangers. Our first delivery of this kind was made this past Friday to St. Francis hospital in Hartford, CT. The ICU nurses were the recipients of this particular arrangement as the donors wanted to thank them for all the hard work they do to get their patients out of ICU and on their way to a speedy recovery. ICU_StFrancis_Nurses When we entered the ICU, we met with the head nurse, Lauren, and she was the first to begin inspecting and interacting with her Non-Scents arrangement. It's always fun when it's someone's first time receiving a Non-Scents gift because it takes a moment to take it all in. Once she began removing the messages and reading each one aloud, the other nurses in the unit began to gather around for a chance to read a message of their own. StFrancis_ICU_Messages   It truly is an wonderful feeling when you know you're doing something kind for someone, "just because". We made this delivery at 8:30pm because that is when the nurses' shift began and you have to wonder how much appreciation these nurses get for what they do. Just stop and think for a moment about how you feel when you visit or walk through an intensive care unit and imagine being there all day or night and it being your responsibility to care for these patients and get them out and into recovery. Personally, I can't imagine the stress and emotional impact that must have on these nurses and we are so thankful to donors Gary & Joan Greenberg for recognizing these quiet heroes. ICU_Nurses_Messages   Donate Today!