Spring Allergy Season Hello   Spring is right around the corner and that means, so is allergy season! During the winter months, we worry so much about colds and the flue that we forget about how awful allergies can be! That's why we created our, "Say Not to Snot" campaign for this allergy season to both; Allergy Season Meme

  1. Raise awareness and conscientiousness about people with allergies
  2. Encourage people to send non-allergenic/hypo-allergenic gifts so we don't make allergy season any worst than it already is!

No one likes to be sniffling and sneezing all the time so help your friends and family out by thinking about what you're sending!   Need some tips to get ahead of allergy season? We've got you covered!

  1. Eat honey from your local area 
  2. Know what you're allergic to
  3. Get ahead with allergy meds
  4. Stock up on tissues
  5. Dust your home!
  6. When you're thinking of sending flowers, keep us in mind!

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