Christmas Wish Crepe Paper Flower

Gifts for the Room

During an extended hospital stay, you want to make it feel as homey as possible. You may be restricted by what you can include based on hospital regulations but below we’ve listed a few ideas of gifts to help make a hospital stay feel more like home.

Christmas Wish Flowers: Our new Italian crepe paper is making its debut with our Non-Scents Flowers Christmas Wish Flowers. A single flower in a sleek, black or white vase, can go anywhere and holds your secret wish in the coil of its stem. Every flower comes with a blank strip of paper tucked right below its blossom for you to write your wish on, roll back up, and tuck it back into its holder for Santa to read on Christmas eve. 

Wishing Ball: The maker of these wishing balls is also the maker of our blown glass bouquets, so she is a favorite of ours. Made right in Rhode Island, these blown glass orbs are made with a small hole at the top. Whenever you have a wish, hope, or dream, simply write it down on a slip of paper, roll it up, and put it in the wishing ball. They say that things are more likely to happen when you write them down, so hopefully this wishing ball will help all of your dreams come true.

Table Topics: When people visit patients in the hospital, it can be difficult to come up with conversation topics that have nothing to do with the hospital or the patient’s illness. This set of table topics is meant to come to the rescue in situations like that, and whenever else the conversation may be lacking.

Personalized Puzzle Book: If you’re buying a gift for your favorite brainiac then this is the perfect item for you. The book will come with the recipient’s name on it along with 50 different puzzles and personal messages (written by you!) along the way. Its pages are filled with word searches, sudoku, code crackers, and crosswords so they can be completed by one, or you can make a group effort out of it!

Gifts for Fun

When you think of playing games in a hospital room, you think of cards and board games. However, Uncommon Goods has done it again by featuring some amazing outdoor and large-scale games in shrunken sizes made for any tabletop or flat surface.

We all take for granted the ability to say, let’s go bowling or play a round of miniature golf. Not to mention the all-too-common game of cornhole for young adults and a oldie but goodie, skee ball, arcade game. When you’re in the hospital, these types of games aren’t traditionally available to you, at least not until now!

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Tabletop Bowling

Tabletop Cornhole

Tabletop Golf

Tabletop Skee Ball 


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