Recently we realized that there was a lot of confusion about how to "open" your Non-Scents arrangements and how the whole thing actually works! While we have a page on our website on "How To Order", we'll answer the other questions about how to interact with your arrangements here!

M.O.M. Mother's Day Arrangement

  Let's use this Mother's Day arrangement as an example. This particular arrangement has four (4) origami flowers in it. [caption id="attachment_495" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Mother's Day Flower Close-Up Mother's Day Flower Close Up[/caption]   Do you see the bright green scrolls of paper that the stem of the flower is wrapped around? That's where your message goes! These scrolls easily slide out and unroll so you can see the personal message or famous quote that has been written inside. Keep in mind, when you order a Non-Scents arrangement, you get to select/write a different message for each flower. So, remember how the Mother's Day arrangement in the photo at the top has four (4) flowers in it? That means that it also has four (4) unique messages that were personally selected by the sender for the receiver. Make Sense? Great! If you have any questions, or, if I didn't explain something well enough please please please just ask! Cheers!