We've already gone over what flower colors mean but what about the meaning behind the types of flowers there are to give. We've even included possible occasions that fit with each type of flower!


Origami Lily

The lily flower is most strongly correlated with feminine qualities including nurturing symbolism for current mothers and fertility qualities for mothers-to-be. However, it's also symbolic of hope, faith, passion, promise, and purity. Consider a lily for occasions such as new baby gifts, baby showers, weddings, anniversaries, and anything celebrating long-lasting relationships.



The rose is one of the more complex flowers to decipher in terms of meaning. Color is a key determinant in their meanings however, the basic symbolism for the flower itself includes deep love, intelligence, balance, and passion. They are the most serious of flowers and when given, must be given with intention. A yellow rose stands for joy, protection, and mature love. Use these for celebrations revolving around love or for anniversary celebrations. A white rose signifies purity, secret admiration, and mysticism. For those who have fallen in love but have yet to say it, use a white rose to convey your true feelings. Bridal showers or serendipitous events are also fitting occasions for the white rose. The red rose signifies sacrifice, immortal love, health, and passion. This may be the most powerful and meaningful color to give in the form of roses. Immortal love suggests a love that withstands time and circumstance so give this rose when celebrating not only your love but the strength of your love as well. Anniversaries, Valentine's Day, and Weddings are the obvious choices but you may have occasions to celebrate that are unique to you and equally as fit for the red rose. Finally, the pink rose is a sign of first love, healing, and innocence. Give this gift for young love, maybe with a corsage for prom or your first Valentine's Day with your first love.



Orchids have come to symbolize love, beauty, and thoughtfulness making them perfect for almost any occasion. In addition to any event celebrating love, orchids make the perfect floral gift when wishing someone congratulations or giving a gift, "just because", without a definitive reason.

Bell Flower

Bell Flowers

The bell flower signifies unchanging love and honesty making it a perfect flower for anniversaries, apologies to a loved one, and vow renewal ceremonies.