Children are the future. We all know that, and we want to do everything we can to encourage, assist and promote all children in order to make certain that their lives are as rich and full as possible. When Joey Powell from the Me Fine Foundation contacted us and asked whether Non-Scents Flowers would volunteer our services to hospitalized children at UNC Children’s Hospital, we were thrilled, and of course, we agreed to help out in any way we could.


“Me Fine Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing financial assistance to parents and caregivers sacrificing their livelihoods in order to provide their children with state-of-the-art, or even last-chance medical treatment at Duke and UNC Children’s Hospitals.”


Joey’s idea was simple. He asked that Non-Scents Flowers join the volunteers and staff at the UNC Children’s Hospital play area for two hours on a Saturday afternoon and teach a flower-making course to any children or parents present. We examined all of our flowers to determine which designs were most time efficient, and we ultimately chose the rose made from coffee-filter paper. If made carefully, it can look very realistic, and these roses are made from materials that are inexpensive and easily accessible. All that is required is one Q-Tip, five coffee filters, a scissors and some glue.


Joey joined Non-Scents on June 27th at the UNC Children’s Hospital, and between the hours of 2 P.M. and 4 P.M. we set up shop in the 7th-floor playroom and made roses, surrounded by volunteers, staff, visiting parents and siblings, as well as the young patients who were well enough to play. We even taught Joey to make roses so he could teach his 4-year-old daughter at home. He left us for a short while to visit other floors and encourage additional patients and families to visit the playroom and make paper flowers. On his way, Joey stopped and visited with the Child Life Specialists – “pediatric health care professionals who work with children and families in hospitals and other settings to help them cope with the challenges of hospitalization, illness, and disability.” These are the people that will ultimately call on Non-Scents in the future, when they want or need new and artistic projects to entertain their patients, and occupy their minds.


There wasn’t a huge turnout on Saturday, June 27, but that was a good sign. It meant that beds were empty and children had been able to return home. It meant that the hospital, it’s doctors, nurses and additional staff had succeeded and their charges were well enough to return to their normal lives. Joey kept apologizing that we’d had a limited number of participants making flowers. But we saw it as a blessing. We can always come back to the hospital on another Saturday and make flowers. Hopefully, the patients that were able to go home this past weekend won’t have to return to a hospital for medical care again.


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