Valentine Countdown: 1 week 4 days (as of 2/3)!

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With Valentine's Day quickly approaching, many of us enter into that almost-panic stage of what we're going to do for Valentine's Day this year and how, if we went all out, to top last year's Valentine's Day. One thing that's bothered me about Valentine's Day is that I begin to feel like people only do something special for the people they love on February 14th because it's a holiday designated for "love". So this got my thinking and I came up with the following idea to make Valentine's Day mean more; Send a single rose with a message/greeting every day of the week leading up to Valentine's Day. Since the holiday lands on a Saturday this year, these single Non-Scents roses would be so cute to show your Valentine that you're thinking about them and that you're planning something special for Valentine's Day. origami rose   For example, follow a theme for each day of the week leading up to Valentine's Day:

Monday - What makes you [your Valentine] beautiful (or handsome!)

Tuesday - Do you remember. . . (the day we met, when we had a fabulous time at [insert place], the first time we ______)

Wednesday - My favorite quirks of yours [again, your Valentine]

Thursday -  Ways you [your Valentine] make me smile

Friday - I love you because ________ (list a few of the major reasons and make sure you add, "just to name a few" at the end of your list!)

Saturday (give your Valentine a full Non-Scents arrangement) - Valentine's Day themed (you could even do a Valentine scavenger hunt with every flower holding a clue!)

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