A Letter from the Founder

Young woman walking away across a field towards historic site

With the New Year swiftly approaching, many are moved to reflect on the past 365 days to re-discover lessons learned, insights gained, and achievements made. As an entrepreneur, my New Year’s Resolutions revolved around the same thing year after year: I will grow my business, I will be confident and brave, I will make a difference in the world. Yes, those are more like goals than resolutions but whatever works, right?


It wasn’t until this past year that I realized why I had more questions than answers come December 31st. I had become so wrapped up in the thought that I had to accomplish everything on my own; that my business was my responsibility and no one else should have to bear the weight of that.


However, I was mistaken. Any great thing that has happened in this world has never happened because of just one person. Gandhi wasn’t the only person sitting in protest instead of fighting. It was Gandhi and those he inspired that made the difference. Martin Luther King Jr. wasn’t the only person working for civil rights for all. It was Martin Luther King Jr. and all those who supported him and followed his lead. Shakespeare’s work would never had been seen if not for the playhouses, actors, and patrons of the arts.


“It is never just one person.”


This has been my greatest lesson from 2016. 

Despite this, it didn't truly sink in until someone very close to me said,


“This is your business, and you know it better than anyone else. But sales is my job and I do it better than most. Help me to understand your business and I will help you grow your sales.”


People want to see you succeed as an entrepreneur, and those are the people you need to learn from. It’s the culmination of a strong leader who is brave in spite of fear and confident in spite of doubt, who has an idea that is needed, a vision to make a difference, and a mind to seek help from those who are wiser, that will truly create something extraordinary.  


Happy New Year everybody - may 2017 bring you something extraordinary.


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