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The Wheelchair Survival Guide to Fashion

Hear from fashion psychologists, wheelchair fashion icons, and companies that design their clothing to fit the needs of people living in a wheelchair.Read More

Juicing And My Cancer Journey

Not many words are more heart stopping than those three that we all worry our doctor will say:“You Have Cancer.”What happens after that? At first, the world comes crashing down. Then you regroup—you make decisions. One of the most important of which is, “How am I going to fight this.”Read More

Allergies and Chemotherapy

Allergies happen but we don’t have to suffer from them.Read More

A Valentine's Day How-To

Valentine’s Day can reach both ends of the spectrum from amazing to stressful all at once. It makes it especially difficult if there is some circumstance that is keeping you from having a traditional Valentine's Day celebration. What a lot of people don't realize is that Valentine's Day can actually be pretty simple and affordable if you keep these tips in mind.Read More

Have Courage & Be Kind

As Good Morning America launches their support for, The Great Kindness Challenge, encouraging schools to support in kindness challenges across the nation, we take a moment to think about kindness and what role is plays in our lives. We also look towards a Random Acts of Kindness Week beginning February 12th that allows both individuals and businesses to sign up and take the challenge with fresh ideas for spreading kindness that anyone can do. PLUS, what being kind can do for your health!Read More

Heart Health is Sexy

Heart health is sexy and we're making it easier for you to manage and improve your heart's health. According to the Mayo Clinic, "You can prevent heart disease by following a heart-healthy lifestyle", so let's start making some lifestyle changes together!Read More

Something Extraordinary

A Letter from the Founder - My Greatest Lesson Learned in 2016Read More

Customize Your Bea-Dee Bag for Grandma

We’ve come up with a number of ways you can customize your Bea-Dee Bags to make the most useful handmade gift ever!Read More

Non-Scents Gift Guide: Part Two

During an extended hospital stay, you want to make it feel as homey as possible. You may be restricted by what you can include based on hospital regulations but below we’ve listed a few ideas of gifts to help make a hospital stay feel more like home.Read More

Non-Scents Gift Guide: Part One

Buying gifts is hard enough, but buying gifts for someone going through treatment in the hospital makes it even trickier. There are things that you should avoid and items that can get in the way for nurses and caregivers so you have to be careful when shopping for people in the hospital. In the first part of our holiday gift guide, we've selected gift items for comfort, style, and sentimentality.Read More