Summer is always a fun time of year since most of us take a week or two (if we’re lucky!) to go on vacation and just relax. If you have kids, pets, or a house, there’s a good chance that you’ve hired a sitter to take care of things while you’re away and keep you updated throughout your trip.


While we all pay our sitters, and maybe write the obligatory, “Thank You”, note, do we really take a moment to appreciate what they’ve done. Non-Scents is a business full of women who work around the clock to move the company forward, create new designs, and get orders out in a timely manner. Since we rarely take a break, we’ve come to realize the importance of just taking some time away. However, we wouldn’t be able to relax if we thought the dog was uncomfortable or the litter box wasn’t cleaned . . .not to mention the worry about a vegetable garden in the middle of the summer!


So take some time to really appreciate your sitter for giving you the opportunity to relax, take a break, and be worry free for the entirety of your vacation.


Red and White Paper Roses in a Country Chic Tin

Notes for Sitters

By: Non-Scents


Thank you for taking care of __________ for me. I couldn’t have had a stress-free vacation if you hadn’t been there to take care of him/her while I was away.



I can’t thank you enough for __________ sitting this past week (end). You’re truly a lifesaver and I would recommend you to anyone who’s in need of a sitter.



My vacation wouldn’t have been the same without you looking after _________ for me. I knew I could rest assured that everything was being taken care of while I was away.



There are no words to describe how much I appreciate you helping me out last week (end). I had an amazing trip and was free to relax knowing that __________ was in excellent hands! 


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