It's official, Non-Scents arrangements will now be carried in the gift shop at Connecticut Children's Medical Center! newlogo4f63656cb59c3-519d92a823cba We are so thankful to Bill DiCaprio of CCMC's gift shop to open his doors to Non-Scents. Today, Non-Scents arrangements are being used in so many different ways that were made possible by all of you; our Non-Scents community members. However, it truly warms our heart to see them used in the way that they were originally created for over three years ago. None of us wish to end up in a hospital and we especially don't wish for a child to end up in a hospital, but inevitably it happens. Thus, we designed our arrangements so that even in the bleakest places, they still can make people smile and bring vibrant colors into an otherwise sterile environment. My personal favorite part about it is that people can choose the messages they want for their arrangements in order to make the children at CCMC laugh, smile, or even dream of superpowers and fairy godmothers...anything is possible within the folds of a Non-Scents arrangement. So come check us out at CCMC!

282 Washington St., Hartford, CT, 06106

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That's Friday, Oct. 31st from 9am-4pm at the CCMC Cafeteria! Come in costume for 10% off!




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