Delivering personal messages via origami and paper flower arrangements is both an innovation and a return to tradition. No one is doing this except Non-Scents however things such as; sending flowers, origami, and sending personal messages, are all things that have been done for centuries. . .Non-Scents simply created a bridge to bring these three things together into one. However, we never realized that our arrangements would also one day help to combat the negative side effects of our plugged-in lifestyle.


A recent article from, The Huffington Post, entitled, "Why Everyone Should Unplug More Often", discussing the issues of this 24/7 plugged-in culture, cites psychologies and even tech professionals who attest to the fact that, in the words of the article's author, "Research suggests social media is the millenial generation's drug of choice. " Surprisingly, the article revealed that, not only are there health detriments caused by un-ending media usage but it also affect our interpersonal relationships with the other people in our lives. A University of Maryland study revealed that taking away any media sources for 24-hours resulted in withdrawal-like symptoms that are similar to those of substance addiction withdrawals. As you can imagine, if these are the symptoms of withdrawal, how much harm are we doing to our minds and bodies by continuing to "use" social media as our means for personal connectivity?


"Constantly checking social media sites, work emails, and texts from far-flung friends sounds likd it's fostering connectivity, but the opposite is often true. Studies show spending tons of time online can actively harm relationships, interpersonal communication skills, and mental health."


So why do we do it? Because it's easy. But now that you know supporting evidence exists that suggests all this tech-time is actually harming us, what will you do?

Personally, I am taking a hiatus from technology. From September 4th-7th we will be tech-free, with the exception of my camera, so that I can truly experience what is happening in my moment rather than trying to keep up with everyone's moment. After reading this Huffington Post article, I have a newfound excitement and passion for our Non-Scents arrangements and what they do. While they are orders using technology (online or over the phone) their purpose is to encourage interaction and strengthen relationships, offline.


Unplug and Breath written over serene ocean water


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