Valentine’s Day can reach both ends of the spectrum from amazing to stressful all at once. It makes it especially difficult if there is some circumstance that is keeping you from having a traditional Valentine's Day celebration. What a lot of people don't realize is that Valentine's Day can actually be pretty simple and affordable if you keep these tips in mind. 


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Give a Gift

Paper flowers are always an excellent choice if live flowers aren’t an option (I mean, look at what Non-Scents does!). There are so many beautiful alternatives to live flowers; it may be fun to try something new. Take it a step further and write a note with every flower to make your Valentine feel like the most special person in the world.


If you decide to buy jewelry, try to find something with meaning. It’s not so much about the amount you spend as opposed to what the gift means. If you plan ahead, you can engrave it with your initials or a quote that says something like, “forever yours.” Do some research on the meanings behind precious stones and think about what symbols may be significant to you and your Valentine.

Make It Special

Take some time before Valentine’s Day to find locations that are truly beautiful. If you’re unable to go out for Valentine’s Day, think of a place that your Valentine has always wanted to visit and set the scene with staged photographs and appropriate music. By doing this, it shows that you pay attention to the little things and care enough to make the extra effort for the sake of their joy. Go a step further and find someone to photoshop the two of you into photographs of places your Valentine has always wanted to visit. Think of this as a promise to your Valentine that one day, you’ll make it there.

Bring It Home

Doing all of this will make for a beautiful Valentine’s Day. However, nothing is more important than the fact that you are there. We recommend having a “Technology Basket” for all of your electronic devices. Phubbing (phone snubbing) is a thing, and it’s a problem in many modern relationships. We may not realize how much our phones detract from our relationships and hurt our partners in the process. It’s just a good idea to leave all the technology (except for the music!) at the door, in airplane mode.



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