We figured we would put together some ideas to make this Valentine's Day special, for both the lovers and the single ladies out there. candy_heart_ad Ideas for the Gentlemen: Dinner and a movie is fine for your average Friday night but it's Valentine's Day, step it up a notch! 1) Instead of going out, dine in. Cook dinner for you and your Valentine and set the table like she's a princess. You don't have to make anything fancy, but putting in some extra effort to cook for her says "You're Special" more than a fancy restaurant. If you want to make it even better, tell her to dress up in cocktail attire and be sure you dress the part too! 2) Take her out somewhere with music. A jazz band our even a single singer or guitarist can make a world of difference when setting a romantic mood. Taking time to find a nice place where she can dress up with good entertainment and a cozy setting says you care. If you're feeling brave, even ask her to dance and be sure someone gets a picture! 3) Go out of your comfort zone a little and do something she's always wanted to try. Maybe ballroom dancing or art gallery viewing. . .even wine tastings or a couples yoga class followed by her favorite wine and/or chocolates. Be creative and really take the time to think of what she would want to do with you but remember, Valentine's Day is about the both of you so make sure you can enjoy it too. And remember. . .a message straight from you says more than a pretty card ever could. Ideas for my Single Ladies: 1) Head out to pick up chocolates, donuts, or other Valentine's Day items and share them with your best friends. Who needs a guy to buy you all these things when you have your friends to pig-out with! 2) Romantic comedies aren't just for couples....grab your best girl friend and go see a movie together. Since you're not on a date, why not go in some comfy clothes and just have a relaxing night with the girls. 3) Get dressed up and go out to the newest most exciting place on your radar. Chances are you won't be alone as singles out on Valentine's Day especially since it's a Friday night! Celebrate your friendships this V-Day instead of your loves and enjoy it!