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Fair Trade Papers Non-Scents

Fair Trade Papers

Fair Trade Papers | Meet The Makers

Fair Trade is an approach to business where producers receive better trading and payment conditions, which creates more jobs and promotes greater sustainability. The artisans at the Bangladesh workshops who produce the paper have gone from unemployed and unable to support their families to fully employed and able to support themselves and their families. When something is certified fair trade, it means that the artisans and workers receive payment as soon as they finish production for a buyer. 

We work predominantly with a paper supplier called, Sustain and Heal, which is owned and operated by Annika Buxman. Her goal was to promote the sale of handmade papers to the public - and we're working with her to make that happen!

Annika tells us,

“I met a host of women from seven different workshops who are mobilizing to overcome poverty and detrimental cultural systems. For various reasons, these artisans are the heads of their households and often the sole providers for their families. Beginning with few or no assets, skills, or work experience, they have mastered their craft and are proud to bring it to market."


Bangladeshi women making paper