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Non-Scents Roses are Red Paper Flower Bouquet Non-Scents

Roses for Valentine's Day Bouquet

Category:  Seasonal Gifts

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Show your love this Valentine’s Day with five, handmade paper roses that hold your secret messages of love or friendship for your Valentine. The women who make these flowers have crafted them with love, passion, and the strength of a group of women working to help each other up.

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Once we’ve gotten past the first hurdle of saying, “I Love You”, the phrase seems to pour from our lips, effortless and abundant. However, sometimes we forget that the phrase, “I Love You”, also needs to broken down and explained; the tables turn and now phrases such as, “You are the most beautiful woman I know”, or, “My heart still feels like it may beat right out of my chest when you walk into the room”, have become harder to say than the simple, I Love You. This bouquet gives you the chance to sign the card with, “I Love You”, and take each of the five message spaces to write down all the reasons WHY. Beneath the blossom of each flower is a small, green strip of paper that will hold the words you write in each of the boxes labeled, “Message:” below. Since the flowers aren’t numbered, take the time to write out a different reason why you love her in each of the message fields. Not sure what to say? Not a problem, just fill in the required message fields with, “You Choose”, and we’ll select some messages for you that will surly make her heart sing and a smile spread across her face. Since the flowers are all made of paper, they will last as long as your love and will require nothing more than to be admired. This also means that you can bring them just about anywhere incase your sweetheart is (heaven forbid it) in the hospital or possibly in a nursing home where allergies may be a concern. Each rose is handmade in the U.S. making each bouquet unique and crafted with a loving hand that created these flowers with their recipient in mind.

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