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Order Non-Scents

Non-Scents Flowers | How To

Ordering is easy, just follow these few steps!

Step 1: Choose the arrangement you love on our website by browsing our designs!

Step 2: Every arrangement comes with unique messages held by the stems of each flower. In the box marked "quote selection" either write your own personal messages or find some awesome quotes on our quote page and write their corresponding numbers in the box.

Step 3: Be sure to sign the card in the "Card Signature" box!

Step 4: The delivery is automatically set to "Ship It" BUT if you live in CT and want your arrangement hand-delivered, use the drop-down menu to select the town it'll be going to so you won't get charged for full shipping!

Step 5: For some arrangements, you'll have the option to customize your arrangment by color theme. Be sure to make a note of what colors you want in the comment section so we can make it just the way you want it!

Step 6: Click "Add to Cart" and you're done! Don't be shy if you have any questions! Just call us up or shoot us an email.

All our Love, The Flower Girls