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Our Story Non-Scents

Our Story

Non-Scents Flowers | Once Upon a Time

"Always believe that something wonderful is about to happen."

When Elizabeth Greenberg received the news that her friend had been diagnosed with thyroid cancer one month prior to his graduation from Elon University, she was devastated. She wanted to send him something to cheer him, but the hospital informed her that live plants and flowers were not allowed. Bacteria grow in the water and are a danger to anyone with a compromised immune system.

So Elizabeth made him an origami flower arrangement as special and unique as he was to her. Each blossom contained a meaningful quote that cheered him up and encouraged him to get well quickly.

From this event, Non-Scents was born; brightly colored, whimsical origami flower arrangements that can be given to anyone, at anytime, to say whatever it is you want to say. Each flower is hand made, with hidden messages or quotes within each of the six flowers.

Non-Scents origami flowers don’t die like live plants and flowers and require no care. They are easy to transport, lightweight, and come in unbreakable containers and vases. You can pick from standard quotes and sayings, or you can request your own special messages.

Everyone smiles when they receive flowers. Why should allergies or an illness like cancer prevent one of life’s simple pleasures? We are thankful today that Elizabeth's friend is 100% cancer free and still tells the story of his friend Elizabeth, who drove 2 hours in the pouring rain to make sure he had her origami flowers when he woke up from surgery. So follow her lead & say what you want to say to anyone at anytime.

Fast forward four years later, and Non-Scents Co-Founder, Mimi Greenberg, found herself as the main caregiver for her 92-year-old mother. Beatrice Greenberg, more commonly known as, Nanny Bea, wore her hair big and her lips red; she loved anything and everything that sparkled and she never missed a beat. This is what lead Mimi to realize that there was no great way for Nanny Bea to carry her pocket book. She started brainstorming with a good friend of hers, Maria Martone, and the two women came up with the concept that is now, Bea-Dee Bags. These wheelchair-friendly bags were a way to add normalcy and independence to Nanny Bea's life, and to everyone else who is wheelchair bound in life. 

The company has evolved into one that empowers women everyday. We are women-owned and women-run supporting women at home and abroad by helping each other up and removing all limits!

Want to get the word out about something or share what's on your mind? Use #NonScents and join the conversation!